LeisureTek SWIMMING POOL Surrounds Hot Tub SURROUNDS

Many people donít realise that most accidents and injuries involving swimming pools and hot tubs actually occur outside of the water. Far more people hurt themselves slipping over on worn or poor quality surrounds than ever do in the water.

Smith Brothersí LeisureTek pool and hot tub surrounds are non-slip, even when wet, and provide excellent cushioning from falls, making our products far superior to traditional options like tiles and concrete.

Our products are commonly used both indoors and outdoors in leisure centres, public swimming pools and spas. LeisureTek safety flooring is also popular with homeowners for private swimming pools and hot tubs.

FlowTek FlowTek

Superior safety

The texture of LeisureTek enhances the natural non-slip properties of rubber helping to reduce slips and falls. Our high quality materials retain their non-slip properties, even when covered with a layer of water, crucial for these kinds of applications. The impact of falls on traditional hard pool surrounds can be severe, whereas LeisureTek is designed to absorb impacts, significantly reducing the risk of injuries.

Increased comfort

Rubber surrounds are a better choice for outdoor pools as tiles and concrete can become uncomfortably hot under feet on sunny days, while rubber flooring stays much cooler. The cushioned nature of our rubber safety surrounds makes them more comfortable for sitting and standing, providing a superior experience all round.

Improved appearance

We offer our LeisureTek flooring in a variety of colours and customisable designs so we can match your design ideas and branding where relevant. Our rubber surrounds are easier to keep clean compared to tiles where grouting often become a trap for dirt and home to mould. Rubber flooring is hardwearing and the colour does not quickly fade so it will stay looking good for years. Our surrounds are also frost resistant so if used outdoors wonít crack as tiles are prone to.

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