Smith Brothers is one of the UK’s top manufacturers and suppliers of rubber safety surfacing for a wide range of applications, including playground safety tiles, swimming pool surrounds, climbing wall matting and gym flooring.

All of our products are manufactured in the UK at our factory just outside Portsmouth and are made using at least 90% high-grade recycled rubber. We are fully Health and Safety compliant and can tailor our products to meet your specific requirements such as critical fall heights.

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Keeping children safe is always a top priority which is why, when it comes to playground safety, we are a market leader. Our rubber playground safety mats and tiles provide superior cushioning for falls, are non-slip, even when wet, and their porous surface allows water to drain away preventing puddling.

We offer a range of thicknesses from 20mm to 90mm to match the Critical Fall Height of your play equipment. Our surfacing can be fitted flush with the ground or, for above the ground installations, we offer ramped edges and corners to prevent tripping and provide easy access for wheelchairs.

Our Playtek range is also fully customisable with a whole range of colours and designs to match your desired theme.
Our LeisureTek range is designed for use in leisure facilities, gyms and for general sporting applications. It is commonly used for swimming pools and hot tub surrounds, gym flooring and as climbing wall matting. This is an extremely popular product that has been used by famous clients such as Wembley Stadium and Channel 4’s Celebrity Big Brother.

As with our other rubber safety surfacing products, Leisuretek flooring provides excellent cushioning from falls, is non-slip even when wet and is fully customisable, meaning you can have whatever colour and design you need.
Our FlowTek product range consists of two different products, wet pour rubber safety surfacing and resin bonded stone surfacing.

Wet pour rubber surfacing is ideal for playgrounds and sports areas and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be used on most surfaces with appropriate preparation and is ideal for irregularly shaped areas or wherever a seamless finish is desired. We can offer a wide variety of colours and custom designs can be easily created.

Our Flowtek rubber surfacing is non-slip and provides excellent cushioning for falls. The thickness of an installation can be easily adjusted to match the required level of cushioning for the relevant critical fall height. The product is fast setting and can usually be walked on after 24 hours.

Our resin bonded stone surfacing is generally used for patios, driveways and tree bases in both commercial and domestic applications. It offers a highly attractive surface that can be easily customised to your needs.
Our GroundTek product range includes ground reinforcement grass mats for vehicular access, car parking, and free draining hard landscaped areas. Our superior ground reinforcement technology provides easy and safe vehicular access and car parking on grassed areas and helps to minimize the damage to any grass surface allowing for faster recovery times.

Our Groundtek products are regularly used for both temporary and permanent applications such as car parks, driveways, access roads and pathways, festivals and events, construction sites and lawn and bank reinforcement.

If you are not sure which of our products is most suitable for your project, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to advise you and provide a quote. Simply call us on 02392 387 198, send us an email, or request a call back.

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