FlowTek Wet Pour Rubber Flooring


We offer two different products in our Flowtek range, wet pour rubber safety surfacing and resin bonded stone surfacing. These can be used both indoors and outdoors for a variety of applications where an irregular shaped area needs surfacing or a seamless finish is desired. Both types of Flowtek surfacing can be used on most surfaces and in most situations as long as the appropriate preparation is carried out.

Wet Pour Rubber Safety Surfaces

Our wet pour surfacing is commonly used in playgrounds and for sports surfaces as it offers excellent fall cushioning, is non-slip and is highly customisable. A variety of different colours can be used and we are happy to create custom designs to match whatever style or other requirements you might have.

One key advantage with our wet pour rubber safety surfacing is that it easily allows us to adjust the depth of the installation to provide additional shock absorbing capacity. This is highly important as it allows you to provide the correct amount of cushioning relevant to the Critical Fall Height of any play equipment or other activities taking place in the area.

Flowtek wet pour rubber surfacing usually sets within 24 hours of being laid, meaning the area can quickly return to normal use.

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Resin-bonded Stone Surfaces

Our Flowtek resin-bonded stone surfacing is commonly used for patios, driveways and tree bases. It is a popular option for both commercial and domestic applications offering a highly attractive and practical alternative to tarmac and gravel.

Resin-bonded stone has the appearance of natural stone gravel but provides a smooth, flat surface which will not form wheel ruts, become compacted or travel outside of the drive area. This makes it is both good to look at and very long lasting, with virtually no maintenance required. We offer a variety of colours and finishes and can easily produce custom designs to suit your needs.

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