Environment At Smith Brothers we are committed to doing our bit for the Environment.

Alongside our commitment to recycling within day to day operations all Smith Brothers branded products are manufactured using a minimum of 90% high grade environmentally friendly recycled rubber.

Our rubber is sourced from within the UK and is produced from used tyre stocks. The waste management of used tyres in the UK is a major issue with significant Government interest. The Used Tyre Working Group estimated that in 2005 over 480,000 tonnes (over 45 million tyres!) were disposed of in the UK alone. Used tyres that are not recycled have to be disposed of by other means, generally by incineration or being put into landfill. Both of these options have significant environmental impact. When incinerated tyres can produce dangerous pollutants which may then be released into the atmosphere. When put into landfill they take a considerable amount of time to break down and add to an already significant landfill problem.

We are very happy to be able to produce high quality products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.