Keeping climbers safe is one of the key obligations of any climbing wall operator. Smith Brothers’ climbing wall matting is made from the highest quality materials and we have the experience and expertise to help you choose the appropriate level of cushioning for your requirements.

Keep your climbers safe

The thickness of our LeisureTek climbing wall matting is completely changeable depending on the needs of the sport, so we can make it extra thick for climbing wall safety, reducing the impact of a fall. This is particularly important for bouldering walls where the climbing wall matting is really the only safety precaution you can take.

The key thing is to work out the critical fall height of the different sections of your climbing centre and provide appropriate protection to match. Critical fall height is the maximum height from which someone could theoretically fall. The thickness of the matting you choose needs to be adjusted to provide sufficient cushioning for someone falling from this height.

The non-slip texture of LeisureTek also provides a great footing for people belaying and retains its grip even when wet, meaning it can be used for both indoor and outdoor climbing walls. Our matting is compliant with all relevant health and safety legislation, meaning you can be confident that you are providing adequate protection for your climbers whilst staying within the law.

Choose a custom design

The colour and design of our climbing wall matting is completely customisable, meaning we can easily match your existing style and branding. Our matting can be made to blend in with the surroundings if used outdoors, or designed to stand out, providing reassurance to climbers that they are protected in the event of a fall. We can include words, pictures and symbols into the design of products and are always happy to discuss how we can meet your specification.

To find out more about Smith Brothers’ high quality climbing wall matting and to discuss your requirements, call us today on 023 9238 7198 or fill out our contact form for a swift response.