Make Your Climbing Centre Stand Out with Technique Drilling

Climbing has never been more popular, with new climbers getting stuck into the sport every day. This has driven a massive increase in the number of indoor climbing centres opening up around the country which is great, but can make it harder for individual centres to stand out.

One way to make your business the number one destination for climbers in your area is by adding a dedicated technique drilling section. This can make your climbing centre more attractive for a number of reasons, helping to boost attendance.

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Encourage beginners

If you can make your climbing centre the number one destination for first time climbers, chances are you’ll be able to retain them as customers for the future. Having an area where new climbers can practice basic techniques at a low height will allow them to quickly build confidence, making them more likely to come back again and again.

Motivate stronger climbers

When climbers reach a certain level of proficiency, they may start to find your climbing centre a little too easy. Setting up a section where they can try out more advanced moves will give them a reason to stick with you, allowing them to keep developing further.

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Add fun challenges

Keeping your space flexible can give people an incentive to keep coming back. One way to do this is to use a small section of your centre to set up climbing challenges where climbers must master a new technique to complete each challenge. By regularly changing the design of this section, you can create an ever changing set of challenges which will encourage climbers to learn new techniques while meaning you can keep offering something new to returning visitors.

Whenever making changes or adding sections to your climbing centre, it’s always important to make sure safety is a priority. Smith Brothers are specialist suppliers and installers of high quality climbing wall matting which can provide a real boost to your business’s health and safety credentials.

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Posted on 11 Jun 2015 by Smith Brothers
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