Pool Sports to Try This Summer

As summer draws nearer swimming pools can expect a surge in popularity. If you own your own pool or operate a public swimming pool this can be a great opportunity to show people just how versatile your facilities can be. As well as being a lot of fun, pool sports are a good way to get extra use out of your pool and keep people coming back in future. Here are the top water-based sports you can encourage swimmers to try out this summer.

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Water Polo

Water polo players are divided into two teams who each attempt to score points by getting a ball into the other team’s goal. Officially a team should have seven players, one of whom act as a goalkeeper, however, if you’re just playing for fun fewer players is fine.

Players move the way either by passing it to a team mate or swimming with it in front of them. Players are only allowed to handle the ball with one arm at a time and players can take possession of the ball by snatching it from an opposing player.

To play water polo, you will ideally need a ball which floats on water, coloured caps so teams can tell each other apart and goals, which can either float in the water or be attached to the sides of the pool. Games are usually divided into four quarters of eight minutes, not including stoppages.

Water Volleyball

Essentially the same as regular volleyball, but played in a pool, water volleyball is played by two teams, usually consisting of 1-4 players each. The aim is two volley a ball back and forth across a net with each team trying to prevent the ball from landing in the water on their side of the net.

Teams take it in turn to serve, with each team getting to serve twice per turn. Each team is allowed to make contact with the ball three times on their site of the net, although the same player is not allowed to make two consecutive contacts with the ball. Games are usually played up to 11 points, although if both teams are tied on 10 points, one of them has to take a two point lead or be the first to 15 points in order to win.

The best ball to use is a normal volleyball, although a partially inflated football can also be used. Ideally a net should be used, although if you are improvising you could simply agree a dividing line in the pool to use instead.

Whatever activities are taking place in your pool this summer, keeping people safe should be a top priority. Smith Brothers’ high quality rubber swimming pool surrounds are non-slip even when wet and provide cushioning in the event of any falls. If you want to make your pool as safe as possible call 02392 387 198 or email us with your query for a quick response.

Posted on 09 Jun 2015 by Smith Brothers
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