The Importance of Outdoor Play

In days where children have access to countless forms of technology and digital entertainment, it can be easy for forget about playing outdoors. Even during the winter months, outdoor play is vital for the healthy development of children.

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Encourages Imagination

The great outdoors can be a great way for children to develop their imagination and independent thought. Whilst sitting in front of game consoles does provide some entertainment, it often doesn’t encourage creative thought. Playing allows for creative thought, whether playing on a climbing frame or running round an empty playground.

Giving children the blank canvas of a playground can provide hours of fun as they trek through jungles, swim through the sea, and conjure up other imaginary playscapes.

Promotes a Healthy Attitude to Exercise

One of the main benefits of outdoor play is that physical exercise helps improve overall physical and mental health. The NHS recommend that children spend an hour a day participating in moderate to vigorous activity. Community or school play areas should therefore provide space and safe flooring to allow for children and families to participate in organised sports and free play.

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Build Confidence and Independence

Outdoor play can help build the confidence and independence that all children need. Playing in a public playground can help children meet other children from different backgrounds and schools, widening their social circles and knowledge of the world, which in turn helps them develop their social interaction skills.

Building independence in children is important from a very early age, and allowing them to play freely within the grounds of a play area can help them learn the appropriate level of independence they should have and help with any attachment issues.

Outdoor play is a brilliant way to encourage healthy active and social behaviour in children that will stay with them throughout their teens and adulthood. If you’re designing an area for the purpose of outdoor play, then why not check out our rubber playground tiles. They provide a safer alternative to tarmac and other traditional types of flooring and can be incorporate a colourful flooring design.   For more information, get in touch by calling 023 9238 7198.

Posted on 14 Oct 2014 by Smith Brothers
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