Creating a Playground that can be used Year-Round

When planning your school or public playground it is essential to think about how the space will be used throughout the year. While the games that children play may change from month to month, the ability to use the play space should not. That’s why those in charge of planning and building a playground should ensure that it can resist the elements and be used all year. If you’re currently working on designing a playground, consider the following so that you create an area that can always be used.



Sheltered Seating Area

Providing a sheltered seating area in your playground means that children have somewhere to play if they want to play less active games and have a space where they are protected from wind and rain. A sheltered seating area, like a wooden arbour, is suitable for use throughout the year, as during the warmer summer months they offer shelter from the sun without having to head indoors.

Area for Free Play

Installing playground equipment such as swing sets and slides can help make a play area exciting and fun, but can prevent children from enjoying the space throughout the year. Some equipment may become unsuitable for use during wet weather and a space filled with equipment and no area for free play is likely to be unused during autumn and winter.
Make sure that your playground has plenty of space available for free play along with an area for play equipment. This will mean that children have the option to play during every month of the year, and have the choice of how to play.

Suitable Flooring

Probably the number one priority when it comes to playground design is making sure that you have safe and suitable flooring. No matter how many exciting pieces of apparatus you install in your play area, if you haven’t got suitable flooring then the space is of no use to anyone. Choose durable flooring like our rubber playground surface playtek, which is non-slip making it incredibly safe for play come rain or shine.

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Posted on 06 Oct 2014 by Smith Brothers
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