Unusual design Elements for your Playground Flooring

Chess Boards

Create a permanent chess board and teach children about the game by having a section of your play area filled with black and white rubber tiles for children’s playgrounds. You can buy large, plastic chess pieces online that are weather-resistant, so you don’t even have to worry about leaving them outside all day.

If those playing in the play area are a little too young to understand or learn the rules of chess, why not buy some draught pieces instead for an easier game.

Snakes and Ladders

Sticking with the board games theme, you could create a snakes and ladders board. Children can be pieces as they hope to climb the ladders and avoid the slippery snakes. Buy a giant inflatable or foam dice for adults to role so that the children know how many steps to take.

With images of slithering snakes forming part of the floor of your playground, you are also creating an excellent play area that allows imaginations to run wild! Children can enjoy the area as they imagine themselves in jungles, deserts, or anywhere else where snakes may be.

Desert Island Playground Design

Themed Floors

Themed playground flooring are brilliant for encouraging imaginative play, which is great when budgets aren’t large enough to purchase climbing frames, or when play areas are too small to incorporate these items. If deciding to give your playground flooring a theme, you may already have an idea in mind, but if not, the following make for great play areas:

  • Ocean- blue flooring with plenty of sea creatures
  • Jungle- green flooring with plants, tigers, and parrots
  • Desert Island- blue flooring with a yellow sandy desert island
  • Racetrack- green flooring with a grey racetrack running through.

If you would like some help designing flooring for your playground, why not get in touch for some advice. Call us on 023 9238 7198.

Posted on 19 Aug 2014 by Smith Brothers
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