Simple Pool Games to Entertain the Kids This Summer

Summer is finally on its way. If you and your family are lucky enough to have access to a pool, we have some very simple, classic ideas to keep everyone entertained as you take a dip to escape the heat. 

Photo by Flikkesteph / CC BY

Retrieval Games

These exercises can really build up the strength and confidence of a child who is already a fair swimmer. Throw floating balls or rings towards the object of the pool for retrieval, or for a strong underwater swimmer a bright ball that will sink. You can increase the distance of the throw or decrease the time given to complete the challenge to encourage improvement and add interest.


A difficult twist on the retrieval game is to fill up a clear drinking bottle with pool water and throw it into the pool while individuals or teams have their backs turned. Once the bottle has sank and the ripples have cleared, the race is on to find and retrieve the almost-invisible bottle from the bottom of the pool.

Marco Polo

One person is chosen to be ‘it’ and is blindfolded. The ‘it’ player calls out ‘Marco!’ to which the other players must reply ‘Polo!’ in order to give away their positions – if another player is tagged, they become ‘it’.

Handstand Contest

You can time how long you stay underwater for, or ask an impartial judge to rate your handstands based on the straightness or the creativity of the shapes you pull.

Jumping/Diving Contests

Whoever is judged to have jumped/dived the furthest away from the edge is the winner. It is not safe to take a run-up over a wet floor so be sure to set a rule that the jumpers must be standing still on the edge of the pool before they jump! 

Safety Considerations

Please ensure that there is a lifeguard or other capable adult supervising the pool at all times, especially if the children are playing games that involve holding their breath, as this could lead to fainting if their oxygen levels get too low. Climbing out and walking around the pool is involved in some of these games, which means that it’s also advisable to ensure your pool has a suitable non-slip surface. Leisuretek swimming pool surrounds retain their non-slip properties even when wet, but if someone does fall, it will absorb the shock and minimise the risk of injury. Contact Smith Brothers on 023 9238 7198 to discuss the benefits of using Leisuretek around your pool. 

Posted on 24 Jun 2014 by Smith Brothers
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