Is Your Playground Ready for a Retrofit?

If your school or community playground is starting to look a little tired or worn, you may be thinking about how best to replace it. However, rather than start completely from scratch with a whole new playground, there are several advantages to retrofitting your existing playground.

Playground Refurbishment

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Generally speaking, certain parts of a playground will tend to wear out faster than others., with plastic parts often need replacing faster than metal or wood. This means that, although your slide, swings or other play equipment might look like they have reached the end of their lives, they may be salvageable. If the underlying structures are sound, you may be able to simply replace the worn components, do a little painting and have perfectly serviceable equipment for a fraction of the cost of replacing the originals.

Playground Restoration

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Retrofitting your existing structures makes transforming your playground much faster as you don’t need to worry about removing and installing entirely new equipment. Replacement parts can usually be quickly bolted into place, allowing your playground to be back in use within a matter of days. And the less time your playground is out of action, the happier everyone that uses it will be.

Playground Retrofit

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The fewer materials you replace, the less waste you are creating and the lower the environmental impact of your project. A retrofit also gives you the opportunity to source eco-friendly materials, such as sustainably grown wood and components that use a high proportion of recycled materials. That way, you can have what feels like a brand new playground, but without having to worry too much about your carbon footprint!

Smith Brothers’ rubber playground surfacing offers the perfectly way to upcycle your play area. It provides an ideal replacement for tarmac, bark chip or worn out grass, giving you an attractive and safe play surface. Our products are highly customisable and are made using a minimum of 90% high-grade recycled rubber, giving you a safe, cost-effective and environmentally way to bring your tired old playground back to life.

To find out more about our range of products or to request a quote, please call 02392 387 198 or email us for a swift response.

Posted on 18 Jun 2015 by Smith Brothers
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