Why Itís Time to Add a Bodyweight Section to Your Gym

Many smaller gyms think all they need to provide for good workouts is a handful of cardio machines a set of free weights and maybe a few resistance machines for beginners. This, however, overlooks the increasing popularity and many advantages of bodyweight exercises. So if you are planning a new gym or looking to attract new users into your existing gym, here are some of the top reasons you should consider adding a bodyweight section.

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Efficient workouts

Bodyweight workouts usually rely on doing high reps performed relatively quickly to compensate for the fact that you are not using heavy weights. Because of the reduced rest times a body weight workout can often be shorter than a free weights workout. The high intensity of the exercise involved also means a bodyweight workout can double as a cardio session, killing two birds with one stone.

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Stay flexible

Performing bodyweight exercises with a full range of motion allows you to tone up your muscles without compromising your flexibility. Because these types of exercises mimic the natural movements of your body, you are encouraging your body to develop naturally, allowing you to retain a healthy range of motion as you become stronger.

Reduce Injuries

Bodyweight exercises are one of the safety ways to workout as there is a much lower chance of overexerting yourself and causing injuries. This way of exercising is ideal for people of any age or physical fitness and is often recommended for anyone recovering from an injury as part of the rehabilitation process.

Equipment you’ll need

Assisted pull-up machine – allows people who are just getting started a helping hand with exercises for their biceps and upper back.

Parallel bars – generally used mainly for the triceps but can also easily be used for shoulder and ab exercises.

Inverted sit-up bench/ab cruncher – one of the top goals many gym goers have is getting a great set of abs. These pieces of equipment allow people to really focus on getting a great ab workout when simple sit-ups and crunches won’t cut it anymore.

Back Hyperextension bench – strengthening the lower back helps provide a strong foundation for many other exercises, but can be hard to do without the right equipment. A back hyperextension bench allows people to achieve a strong lower back with nothing but their own body weight.

Flooring – When planning any part of your gym it’s important not to overlook what is under your feet. Anyone doing bodyweight exercises is going to spend a lot of time getting intimately acquainted with your gym floor. Whether they’re doing press-ups, sit-ups, jump squats or any other exercises, good quality rubber gym flooring can make all the difference.

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Posted on 10 Jun 2015 by Smith Brothers
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