Traditional Playground Games

Alongside filling your park or school playground with swings, slides and climbing frames, you should also leave a considerable amount of space so that children can have a run around and play some more traditional playground games. Traditional games are a great activities for teachers and parents looking to get children exercised and entertained outdoors, so why not try playing some of the following:  

What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

This simple game can be hours of fun. Decide who is going to be Mr Wolf, and have them stand at one end of the playground, facing away from the group. Line up the rest of the group at the opposite end, and have them call out ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf?’ in unison. Mr Wolf will then call out a time, and the players will then take the same amount of steps as the time called out. For example, if Mr Wolf cries out 10 o’clock, then all the players must take 10 steps. They will then ask Mr Wolf again, and he will respond. When Mr Wolf starts to feel ‘hungry’, they will say ‘Dinner Time’, and then turn and chase the players to try and catch his ‘dinner’. If they manages to catch someone, they become Mr Wolf in the next game.

Stuck in the Mud

Stuck in the Mud is a great game to play as it doesn’t actually require any mud. If you’ve got a group of around 20 children, pick out two children to be ‘it’. Then give the rest of the group a five or ten second head start so they can scatter themselves around the playground. The players who are ‘it’ must then try to stick as many of the group as possible. Once stuck, the child must stand still in a starfish position. The only way they can become unstuck is if another player crawls between their legs. The game continues until everyone is stuck (or everyone is tired).

Red Light, Green Light

A bit like musical statues, but without the music, Red Light, Green Light is a fun game that tests children’s concentration. Have one child, or the supervising adult, play the traffic warden and the rest of the children as traffic. When the traffic warden says ‘green light’ then all the children can move around freely, but when they say ‘red light’ they must immediately stop and stand completely still until the traffic warden says ‘green light’ again. During the ‘red light’ the traffic warden can walk amongst the traffic trying to spot any movers. Anyone caught moving is then out of the game.

Safety First

The excitement created by playing traditional playground games shouldn’t mean that safety is compromised. Before starting any game, make sure that the playground has a suitable safety flooring, like our Playtek playground surfaces. Our surfacing is slip resistant and are designed to provide cushioning to children should they fall or trip.

If you are looking for surfacing for your school playground and park and would like more information about the benefits of our products, then get in touch via our contact page page, or give us a call on 023 9238 7198.

Posted on 09 Jul 2014 by Smith Brothers
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