Designing a Safe Gym From the Ground Up

If it’s time to design or redesign your commercial or private gym space, there are a lot of safety concerns you need to take into account alongside your aesthetic and branding ideas. There is more to planning a safe gym than the flooring, but it is worth considering this at the design stage as it can be a real asset in terms of increasing both the safety and character of a gym.

Which Flooring?

It is important to choose a type of flooring that is non-slip and cushions the fall of any object, or person, which can result from an accident while using weights or other equipment. Of course, protecting the users of the gym against harm is a priority, but it’s also a real disappointment when a heavy weight is dropped onto the floor of your brand new gym and leaves a dent or mark. Rubber gym flooring is a great solution to these problems as it absorbs shocks as well as noise, but is also fully customisable to represent the colours and design of your company or brand.

Which Equipment and Where

Choosing how to group your equipment can not only make it easier for the users to complete their workouts, but can also reduce the amount of people traffic between the equipment during busier periods. You can group equipment by body part or by ability if these are appropriate for your users. The design of the flooring can be used to designate these zones, or exclusion zones that are a clear indicator to the less experienced gym user to stay well clear of hazards.

Planning Walkways

Carefully planning of safe walkways between equipment will maximise the usage of the space as well as increasing the safety of your gym. Our rubber gym flooring is fully customisable and so can be used to indicate exits and walkways as well as the individual zones to increase the flow of people between equipment. Clear access to emergency exits can also be indicated to give you full confidence in the safety of your new gym layout.

Flooring can be more than just a necessary afterthought. Careful consideration and forward planning is the key to designing a space that is safe to use and navigate, without having to compromise on how great it looks. For help in getting your design started, contact us on 023 9238 7198.

Posted on 05 Jun 2014 by Smith Brothers
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