Why We Use Recycled Rubber

The environmental impact of rubber has been a serious problem for years due to the toxic substances produced in its disposal. But the tragic thing is, this pollution is so unnecessary. Rubber is a great material to recycle, maintaining most of its original characteristics, including its brilliant shock absorbing properties. That’s why we only use recycled rubber in our playground surfaces so they can truly be described as innocent places to have fun!

Photo by Gavin Mackinstosh / CC BY

Tyre Fires

This is a well-known problem that faces the storage of used tyres. Once a fire starts at a tyre yard, it is extremely difficult to extinguish the blaze and these fires have been known to last for years before now! The chemicals produced in the black smoke are highly dangerous to people and the environment. Studies have even shown that the chemicals can lead to cancer and respiratory disease. Interestingly, rubber is not a material that is at risk of spontaneously setting on fire, but because people are aware of the difficulty in extinguishing them, they have become prime targets for arsonists.


We are all too familiar with the problems of landfill sites, with polluting liquids being released from the rubbish and working their way into our waterways. Not to mention the lunacy of burying something and thinking it’s dealt with! We can’t do this forever and the more we do, the bigger the environmental impact we will see.

Aside from the general problems with landfill sites, tyres in particular are very difficult to put into landfill, as the vast majority of a tyre is the space inside it, making them inefficient to stack. They must be shredded before they can be taken to landfill, but with the risk of fire, they are not frequently welcomed.

Natural Resources

Natural rubber is made from latex which is tapped from the bark of rubber trees. The process of transforming this latex into rubber produces many waste products, which if not properly treated can have a huge impact on the environment. For instance, there is a high level of ammonia in the waste, which if released into rivers or canals cause serious water pollution and could result in the death of some aquatic organisms.

By using recycled rubber we are conserving our natural resources and preventing any more damage being done to the environment. We are proud of our green credentials and we love passing on that peace of mind to our customers, so they can limit their own environmental impact. If you would like to find out more about our ethical playground surfaces, visit the website or give us a call and we’d be happy to help. Our number is 023 9238 7198.

Posted on 21 Mar 2014 by Smith Brothers
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