How thick should your playground tiles be?

An excellent question! How thick should your playground flooring tiles be? If you are laying playground flooring, you might be held responsible for any potential accident because the floor didn’t cushion a fall sufficiently.

All playground flooring must be approved according to EU guidelines on thickness (for more insightful information, please consult EU directive BS EN 1176: Playground Equipment). This thickness is set according to how high the potential drop for a child is.

An example of a case for thicker flooring

Critical Fall Height

According to the Children Act 1989, playground surfaces need to be “safe and suitable for their purpose and meet relevant standards”.

For your benefit, we have included a helpful graph on our website, which details the relevant thickness you will need. For example, if you have a fall height of 2.5 metres, then you will need a mat thickness of between 80mm and 90mm. Falling from a height of 1m will only require a mat thickness of 40mm, however.

The EU directive recommends a maximum fall height of three metres, however we do not provide flooring with a thickness greater than 90mm.

Other considerations

Tripping over is part of most playground experiences, this is true. However, minimising this risk should always be of the highest importance. Pay particular attention to the edges of your flooring tiles and make sure to inspect for any areas that might trap a child.

It’s important to consider how disabled children might access your play-area and so if you have any access restrictions, you might also want to factor in disabled access to your plans.

What’s on offer?

All of our tiles are made from either SBR or EPDM rubber – a safe, non-slip material which is also excellent at resisting weather-damage.

Our play tiles vary from 20mm to 80mm in thickness, depending on your requirement. If you have a climbing frame with a high likelihood of a child falling, then you will need a thicker mat in order to minimise damage. 

If you are looking for a colourful play area, it is also possible to have your design completed according to your whims and desires. Our play tiles come in a wide range of colours and styles and we can usually create tiles according to your design. We have three colours as standard and a number of extra-colourful tops.

If you have any questions about the thickness of any of our playground surfaces, please do call us on 023 9238 7198 or feel free to e-mail us at

Posted on 14 Mar 2014 by Smith Brothers
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